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Cisco Meraki

Moving Devices Between Organizations

There are many situations that require moving a device between organizations, such as splitting up a large organization into smaller units, or moving a device out of a trial organization into the production environment. This must be done manually. 

  • Only organization administrators have the necessary permissions to move a device between organizations.
  • It typically takes about 5-60 minutes approximately to move devices between organizations, during which time the device will be updating and offline.
  • The static IP addressing set on the devices will remain unchanged.
  • The dashboard configuration that is applied to the device will not migrate to the new organization.
  • Licenses cannot be transferred between different customers.

Moving Devices to a New Organization

  1. If the organization has not been created yet, create a new Dashboard account on



Note: If this new organization is to be managed by the same user or group as an existing account, reference our documentation on adding this new account to an MSP Portal for ease of administration.

  1. To remove a device from its current organization, follow the steps outlined here.

  2. On the new organization, navigate to Organization > Inventory, and click Claim to add the device. Refer to our documentation on the Organization Inventory for more info.

On new networks, you will be greeted with a prompt to add a new device:



If the network is not empty, you can add the new devices using their serial number. This can be done under Monitor > Access PointsMonitor > Switches, or Monitor > Security Appliance for access points, switches, and security appliances respectively.


Moving Devices to an Existing Organization

If devices are to be moved to an existing organization, follow the instructions above from step 3 onwards.

Note: To move Systems Manager devices between existing organizations they will need to be manually unenrolled from the SM network in the original organization before they can be enrolled into another SM network in the destination organization. For more information on how to unenroll/enroll devices, review the Uninstalling Systems Manager and Removing Managed Devices and Enrolling Devices articles.

Moving Licensing

Cisco Meraki licenses are intended for use by the original customer. As such, licenses cannot be transferred from one customer to another. Please refer to the End Customer Agreement for more policy information.

Once devices have been moved between organizations, they will require licensing in the new organization. Either a new license will need to be purchased, or an existing license can be moved to the new organization by Meraki Support.


Please note that only licenses with individual remaining value can be moved. If the key has expired individually but is kept alive in co-termination, it cannot be moved.


Note that only Meraki Support can move licenses between organizations in co-termination. Please call or open a case to move licenses.


In per-device licensing, users can move licenses between organizations themselves. Follow the steps in this KB


For more information on removing licensing, please refer to our documentation regarding Removing and Undoing License Claims.

Moving Devices Between Networks

This article discussed how to move devices between multiple organizations. For information on moving devices between networks on the same organization, please refer to the following documentation.

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