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IPv6 Support on MX Security & SD-WAN Platforms - Local Status Page

LSP (Local Status Page) 

  • The MX LSP can be accessed using IPv6 via the browser by using the IPv6 address of an IPv6 enabled VLAN.  At this time, IPv6 uplink configuration is not supported via the LSP. It will report the IPv6 address of the uplink(s).

  • When configuring PPPoE through the LSP, both IPv4 and IPv6 will be negotiated in the same PPP session.

    Similarly as how we can manually set up the IPv4 address of our end of the PPP connection, it’s possible to configure a static link-local IPv6 address to be used in the PPP tunnel.

    In the unlikely scenario where negotiating both IPv4 and IPv6 in the same PPP session causes the ISP to make the whole session fail, it’s possible to disable IPv6 over PPPoE by using the magic keyword “disabled” in the “IPv6 link-local address” field.



Refer to the main KB: IPv6 Support on MX Security & SD-WAN Platforms [Core Fundamentals]

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