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Cisco Meraki

Browser Access Policies

A browser access policy allows you to define rules that determine who has access to an application based upon specific users or groups and/or posture profile.  Rules are evaluated from top down. 

Users will not be able to access any private application or private application group unless there is a browser access policy that is associated with the application or application group

Configuring Browser Access Policies

To configure a Browser Access Policy:

  1. Navigate to Secure Connect->Policies-> Browser Access Policy
  2. In the upper right corner, click +Add Rule
  3. In the Name window, type a Name for the rule
  4. Select an Action, Allow or Deny
  5. Select Group and/or Users


  1. Choose the Applications and/or Application Groups that are evaluated with this policy or click  the Private Application to add a new application.


  1. (Optional) Select a Posture Profile


  1. Click Save



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