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New Dashboard Experience FAQ



The preview of our new Meraki dashboard experience is here for all customers to try out and provide feedback! With this new experience, we are updating the look and feel of the Meraki dashboard, making the interface more consistent and accessible to all users. In addition to this we have some exciting new pages such as the new Organization Summary to get an at-a-glance view of the status of devices across your entire organization as well as the new Early Access program to allow customers to opt-in and opt-out of early access previews such as this.


What is the Magnetic Design System?

Magnetic is the new design system at Meraki! It is a series of reusable components that designers and developers use to create pages. By having a design system we can build new features faster and deliver more consistent experiences as the components are used in the same way each time they're implemented.

What are some of the advantages to the new pages?

The new pages have been fully recreated using our design system. We built them with accessibility, performance and usability in mind. The goal of updating these pages is to not only improve the look and feel, but also to rethink design patterns and make the experience more consistent for our users across dashboard.

What is in this launch?

We have redesigned the header, footer, and navigation as well as:

  • Switch > Monitor > Switches page

  • Wireless > Monitor > Access points page

  • Organization > Monitor > Summary (a net new page to offer better visibility of the status of your entire organization)

  • Organization > Configure > Early Access (a net new page to allow you to opt-in and opt-out for early access programs such as this)

Which pages will be updated next?

The next pages we plan to update are:

  • Network-wide > Monitor > Clients
  • Access Point Summary tab (when you click on an AP in the access points list)
  • Switch Summary tab (when you click on a switch in the switch list)
  • Switch Ports tab

Does the new dashboard experience support the existing Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) accessibility mode?

No. A new accessible color palette for status and charting will be implemented prior to the General Availability of this feature to support additional users with CVD beyond the current system that only provides a Red-Green CVD mode. Until the new accessible color palette is available, users with CVD can click on the 'View old version' toggle for any updated page to revert to the prior experience.

How do I get to the Early Access page to opt in and out?

The Early Access page is available (to org-write admins) in the navigation menu by going to Organization > Configure > Early Access.

Can I opt out of a single page in the early access experience?

You can view the old version of a page by clicking on the “View old version” link at the top right of the page as shown below. 


You can return to the new version by clicking on the “Try new version” link at the top of the page. 



Note that this will only toggle the individual page and not the header, footer, or navigation. To revert to the prior header, footer and navigation, the Magnetic Design System must be disabled on the Early Access page.

This will be specific to the device the user is accessing dashboard on and should persist from one session to another. Clicking on these toggles will not affect the view of other dashboard administrators in the organization. 

I tried the new look and feel but I prefer the old version, can I opt out forever?

Users will be able to opt out of the early preview, however when the new pages are released to general availability later this year, the updated pages, header, footer and navigation will become the default for all users.

What does opting in or out mean for my entire organization?

If you opt in or out of the new dashboard experience your entire organization will be opted in/out.

When will the new look and feel be applied to all pages in the dashboard?

Over the next year or so you will see more and more pages being redesigned using the new look and feel. Our goal is to make the pages more consistent, easier to use, and more accessible across the whole dashboard. New pages will be created in this format as well!

Why is Meraki doing this?

With the leading cloud managed solution, we want to ensure we keep innovating to provide the best experiences for our customers. 

Will this change or impact my workflows?

This should not impact or change any workflows. While the look and feel of the pages is different, the functionality is not. All of the pages will still be able to do the same things as before.

Note the only exception to this is that when the Network-wide > Monitor Clients page launches it will initially be missing the application usage table, line and pie charts, but these will be added back in the coming quarter.

How can I provide feedback?

You can provide feedback using the Beta Feedback tool! It can be found on the right side of the screen as shown below.

Once you click the feedback tab you will be prompted to provide general or specific feedback.

If you select specific feedback you will be prompted to highlight the area of the page you want to give feedback on, and then you will be able to rate the experience and provide your feedback. 

Meraki Support is not the correct avenue to provide feedback on the new dashboard experience.

What do you do with my feedback?

Our team reads every piece of feedback we get! Our team of engineers, product managers, and designers review the feedback and use it to help shape the decisions and changes we make to the pages. If you are interested in chatting with us please include your email address when you submit your feedback and we may reach out to you to learn more about your thoughts! 

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