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Cisco Meraki

Meraki Subscription Licensing

PLEASE NOTE: Cisco Meraki subscription licensing is presently available only through a closed beta (details and restrictions below).

What is a subscription?

A subscription is a unique set of one or more licenses that are bound together and subject to the same usage terms (start date, duration, and expiration date). Once one license of a subscription is activated, all licenses associated with the subscription are activated and will begin consuming their term.

When is a subscription license activated?

A subscription license is activated at the earlier of the two following events:

  • Claiming the applicable subscription license key into your Cisco Meraki Dashboard organization
  • Automatically on the 91st day following the date that the license ships to you

How do I claim a subscription license key?

To claim a subscription license key into your Dashboard organization:

  1. Navigate to Organization > Configure > License Info
  2. Enter the subscription license key into the License Key field
  3. Select Add license

Upon claiming a subscription license key into an organization, the organization will become a Subscription Organization. Meraki Co-term and Meraki Per Device Licenses cannot be claimed into a subscription organization.

When can I claim a subscription license key?

Subscription licenses can be claimed into an organization that meets any of the following requirements:

  • A new organization, with no previously claimed licenses
  • An existing co-term organization that has co-terminated (exceeded the co-term date)

During the closed beta, subscription licensing is a feature gated by the Meraki Subscription Beta team. Prior to claiming a subscription, the Meraki Subscription Beta team must be informed of the organization you wish to claim the subscription license key into to enable the organization to accept the subscription license key. The beta team can be contacted at:

Closed Beta Eligibility and Restrictions

Cisco Meraki subscription licensing is presently available only through a closed beta. Only those Distributors, Partners, and Customers Cisco Meraki authorizes in writing in advance (“Authorized Participants'') may participate in the closed beta.  

During the closed beta, Cisco Meraki subscription licenses are offered subject to a number of important restrictions.  By purchasing or using Cisco Meraki subscription licenses during the beta, Authorized Participants agree and acknowledge that:

  • No free Cisco Meraki hardware or software is offered in connection with the beta.
  • Usage-based billing, promotions, trials, and other incentives are not available for subscription licensing during the beta.
  • Cisco Meraki may reject subscription license orders that we determine do not meet our beta participation criteria. 
  • ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL. Authorized Participants are obligated for full and timely payment through the entire subscription term.
  • Subscription licenses are ineligible for return or early cancellation, and cannot be renewed except by purchase of a new subscription, notwithstanding any other conflicting Cisco or Cisco Meraki policy or agreement.
  • Subscriptions may not be modified after purchase. For example, changes in term length, number of entitlements, and entitlement types (e.g., enterprise vs. advanced security, LIC-MS120 vs. LIC-MS125) are all prohibited.
  • Subscription licenses can only be used in a subscription licensing organization within the Cisco Meraki Dashboard. Claiming a subscription license into an existing Dashboard organization will convert the user’s organization into a subscription licensing organization.
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