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Meraki Go - Sonos Setup Guide

Meraki Go - Sonos Setup Guide

This guide covers Meraki Go and Sonos interoperation. Sonos devices use multicast to communicate directly with each other. This communication will fail unless the Meraki Go hardware is configured correctly.
The phone app needs to communicate directly with the Sonos devices, which will not work in NAT mode under Wireless Address Translation. The Guest Network setting will also cause Sonos to malfunction as it blocks traffic between devices (such as the phone app and the speaker).


After completing this guide, the following will be achieved:

  • A new (or existing) wireless network configured in Bridge Mode.

  • Sonos equipment connected and streaming music from the phone app.


  1. Create a new wireless network:

    1. You can skip this step if you want to modify an existing network.

    2. Navigate to Networks -> Tap “+” to add a new network

  2. Configure the wireless network from step 1 as Bridge Mode

    1. Under the Networks tab, tap the network that was created in step 1, or an existing network you need Sonos to connect to.

    2. Tap the Settings link in the top right corner of the app.

    3. Expand the Advanced Settings section and select Wireless Address Translation Mode

    4. Ensure the option Bridge is selected.

    5. The Wireless Address Translation article explains how this setting is changed in greater detail.

  3. Consult the Sonos installation guide to connect your hardware to this new wireless network.


The Sonos equipment and phone app should now be able to communicate with each other.


If you are still having problems with Sonos in the Meraki Go network, please consider contacting support for additional assistance.

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