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Meraki Go - Subscription Keys

As of October 7th, 2019 Subscription keys are no longer needed to create a Meraki Go account, or continue using existing Meraki Go hardware


In order to function, each Meraki Go device needs an associated Subscription Key. This document outlines useful information about Meraki Go Subscription Keys.

Per Device Subscription Keys

Meraki Go subscription keys are applied on a per device basis. This means that each individual Meraki Go device that you own has its own expiration date based on its corresponding subscription key. This allows you to keep track of when each device’s subscription will expire individually; so you can choose to not renew specific devices if need be.


Managing Subscription Keys

At this time, Meraki Go subscription keys can only be managed via the Meraki Go Portal and not the Meraki Go App. The portal will provide you an overview of your current subscriptions, as well as allow you to apply additional subscriptions.

Receiving your Subscription Key

Once your Meraki Go order has been purchased and processed, your Meraki Go subscription key will be emailed to you.

Subscription Start Date

Each device's Meraki Go subscription key will start on application date, not purchase date. If there is a delay between your purchase date, and when you receive / apply your subscription, you will not lose out on any of that time.

Note: If you do not apply a subscription within 90 days of purchase, the subscription will automatically start.

Applying Additional Subscription Keys

Upon initial creation of your Meraki Go account, you are required to provide a subscription key that coincides with your initial purchase. If you make additional purchases for your Meraki Go network, and need to apply additional subscriptions, you can do so via the Meraki Go Portal. From the portal you can click your username in the top right > Manage Products > Add subscription.

Grace Period

If the subscription key for one of your Meraki Go devices is not renewed by it's experiation, the subscription for the device will enter a 30 day grace period. The device will continue functioning for those 30 days, but if a new subscription is not applied within this grace period, the device will be shut down until a new subscription for it has been applied.

Auto Grouping

When purchasing Meraki Go subscription keys, if you purchase multiple subscriptions of the same duration, rather than receiving each subscription key individually, you will receive one subscription key that encompasses all of the newly purchased subscription keys of the same duration. This allows you the convenience of only needing to apply and keep track of 1 subscription key.


Got Questions?

You can contact Meraki Go Support by opening a case either via the Meraki Go App or Portal, or ask the Meraki Go Community!


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