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MC Network Firewall Configuration Guide


The MC series phones can, in some cases, require additional network configuration for the phones to be able to operate correctly. These may include firewall rules or NAT settings on your firewall. This information can also be found on the dashboard under Help > Firewall Info

Configuring Firewall Rules for the MC74

The following firewall rules must be created for outbound connections to allow the MC74 to operate correctly.


Source IP Destination IP Ports Protocol Direction Description
Your Phone Subnet

1024-65535, 7351 UDP Outbound Meraki cloud communication, Meraki cloud telephony media
Your Phone Subnet

7734, 7752 TCP Outbound Backup configuration downloads, Throughput tests live tool, Backup firmware downloads
Your Phone Subnet

1024-65535 UDP


Intelepeer  / Telnyx media
Your Phone Subnet

3478, 5020, 5021 TCP/UDP Outbound Intelepeer / Telnyx signaling
Your Phone Subnet

3478, 5020-5021, 7011 TCP / UDP bidirectional Telephony cloud communication, Meraki cloud telephony signaling

Additionally, all phones need to be able to reach each other's LAN IP addresses for extension to extension calling to function correctly.

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