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Ad-hoc Conference

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The MC74 has the capability to join multiple ongoing calls into an ad-hoc conference room. With this feature, all of a phone's concurrent active calls can be merged into a combined call so that each participant can hear and be heard by every other participant.

While in a Call

To initiate an ad-hoc conference, start by adding any participants that you would like in the conference as separate calls. You can do this with the New Call button at the bottom of the in call screen.

Participants can can be added through extensions or public phone numbers, and they do not need to be using MC74 phones. For best performance, we recommend no more than a maximum of 5 participants in an ad-hoc conference.

Press the green button to initiate a concurrent call. 

When all participants are included as concurrent calls, tap the Merge Calls button at the bottom of the screen. This will merge all current calls into one ad-hoc conference room and every participant will now be able to communicate with every other participant in the room.

To end the call, press the red End Call button. This will also end the call for all other participants. 

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