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Call Transfer


The MC74 offers intuitive visual prompts to make the transfer feature as simple to learn and use as possible. This article offers an overview of how to use transfer to move an active call from one MC74 to another phone.

While in a call

While in an active call, you can move the call off of your MC74 and onto another phone by pressing the Transfer button at the bottom of the screen.


After pressing the Transfer button, you will be taken to a dial pad where you can enter a public phone number or an extension to transfer this active call to. If desired, you can also select a user from the directory to transfer the call to. The call can transferred directly to the desired destination, or you can choose to "Ask to transfer" which will allow a warm hand-off to the desired destination. You may also choose to transfer directly to another MC user's voicemail box.



Cold Transfer


After the "Transfer now" button is pressed or a contact has been selected from the directory, you will see a message at the bottom of your screen confirming that the call has transferred, and the active call will be transferred directly to the new number.




Warm Transfer


If the "Ask to transfer" button is pressed, the phone number entered will be called where you can notify the destination phone user that a call will soon be transferred. When the destination phone user is ready, the "Complete transfer" button will transfer the call. 



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