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Configuring and Using the Phone Portal


The MC Phone Portal allows users to manage their phone and make calls via a web browser, without needing access to the Meraki Dashboard. This article explains how to set up and use the Phone Portal.


Before using the Phone Portal, ensure your MC74 phone has an extension. Please see the Creating and Managing Extensions article for instructions on how to do so. To set up access to the Phone Portal, please follow the steps below.

  1. On your MC74, tap Settings > Phone Portal Sign Up.
  2. Enter the email address that will be used for accessing the Phone Portal, typically a work email address.
  3. Tap Sign Up. A Success notification will be seen asking to check the email inbox for further instructions. The email will contain a password reset link to the Phone Portal. 


After the sign-up process is complete, the portal login requires the user's Domain information, the email address used to sign-up, and their password. The user domain can be found on the MC phone via Settings > Phone Portal Login Information.



Making Calls

The Phone portal consists of a dialer , which can be used to make external calls from the phone.

  1. The dialer displays the name assigned to the phone.
  2. Enter a 10-digit number and hit the green button to call. This will dial the the number from your phone.


Once the call is completed, it can be seen in the call logs on the phone as well as the call logs on the portal.


Checking Voicemail

In addition to the phone and email, users can also check their voicemail through their phone portal.

  1. Any new voicemail will be indicated with a blue circle under the Voicemail Section.
  2. Click on a particular row to automatically play the message.
  3. The message can also be download as a .wav file. To delete the voicemail, physical access to the phone is required.

VM.png      VM1.png


Contacts and Favorites

On the Portal, a user can search for any contact configured as an extension in the network.

  1. To search for a contact by name, type the first few letters of his name.
  2. Click on the contact to view its public phone number and its internal extension.
  3. Click on the star next to number to add this contact to the favorites list.


The portal settings can be accessed on the top right corner. 


  1. Configure a new Email Address to change the address associated to portal login
  2. The Call Forwarding Settings go hand-in-hand with the forwarding configured on the phone physically. The calls can only be forwarded to valid 10-digit numbers.
  3. Under Voicemail to Email Settings, add multiple email addresses to receive voicemail notifications.
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