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Sending Voicemails to Email


Voicemail to email can be used to automatically send an MC phone's voicemails to the user's email inbox. This feature can be configured from the Settings page of the Meraki Phone Portal. If a phone portal account has not yet been created for the phone(s) that will be using this feature, please follow our documentation regarding Configuring and Using the Phone Portal to create a phone portal account.

Configuring Email Addresses

To enable voicemail to email, navigate to the Settings page of the Meraki Phone Portal. Click the "+" icon underneath Voicemail to Email Settings to add a new email address to receive voicemails. There is no limit on the number of email addresses that can be configured to receive voicemails. 


Receiving Email

When a new voicemail is left on the MC phone, an email will be sent to all of the configured email addresses in the Phone Portal. These emails will be sent from noreply@meraki.com and sent to each configured email address separately. An example email is shown below.

Note: Deleting the email message does not delete the voicemail from any MC phones.

Removing an Email Address

There are two ways to stop receiving voicemails at a specific email address.

  • Remove the email address using the Meraki Phone Portal
  • Click the unsubscribe link in any email message


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