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Using the Meraki Click-to-Call Browser Extension


Cisco Meraki offers a browser extension that makes it easy to establish phone calls via a web browser. If a phone number is sent via Chrome, the number can be dialed from the phone directly through a web browser. 

This article overviews setup and use of the Click-to-Call browser extension.


  1. The Click-to-Call extension can be downloaded through the Chrome Web Store, and once installed will appear as a green phone icon within the browser.
  2. To sign in, press the dialer icon and enter the domain number (Found under Settings > Portal Login Information on the phone) and Self-Service Portal sign-on credentials for the contact assigned to the phone you would like to call from.
  3. DialerLogOn.png          DialerSettings.png

Making Phone Calls

Once installed, the option to initiate a phone call will be available when hovering over a phone number in the web browser.

  1. Navigate to a web page in which the phone number you wish to call is on and hover over the phone number.
  2. A dialog box will appear with the option to dial the number.
  3. Once Call is pressed, the number will automatically dial on the assigned phone.



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