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This article answers some frequently asked questions regarding Meraki Communications phones.


What is Meraki MC? 

Meraki Communications (MC) is a cloud-managed voice platform that is purposefully designed for and managed from the same dashboard as the rest of the Meraki solution, including wireless, switching, security, mobile device management, and physical security. It is designed to be highly scalable, easy to manage, easy to deploy, and easy to use. The Meraki MC platform is built on a SIP-based architecture and the solution is comprised of the endpoint (MC74), cloud license, and SIP service from Meraki pre-approved SIP providers.

What is the architecture?

Meraki MC is a SIP-based architecture that leverages the Meraki cloud for call routing, call control, and telephony features. Meraki MC is paired with a SIP provider to provide access to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Can I still trial MC phone service? 

Yes. Customers can initiate a trial of MC74 in the usual way (meraki.cisco.com/eval). Once the trial begins the customer can enroll in a trial with supported service providers through Dashboard. The trial will provide complimentary access to the PSTN for calls terminating in the US and Canada. International calling and e911 service are not available as part of the trial.

What happens if the Internet becomes unavailable? 

Internet connectivity is required for calling. The Meraki MX with redundant WAN connections and 3g/4g WAN backup is a great option for providing WAN redundancy which is commonly required by VoIP systems.

Can the Meraki Dashboard manage third party SIP endpoints? 

No. The Meraki MC just like the rest of the Meraki products are built from the ground up to tightly integrate hardware and software together. 

Can the MC74 be a general SIP endpoint? 

No, we believe in an integrated software and hardware experience, and a cloud license is required to use these phones, just like other Meraki products.

Do customers need to have Meraki gear to deploy Meraki phones? 

MC74 will operate on any switch capable of providing 802.3af PoE. While not a requirement, Meraki recommends the use of Quality of Service on the switched network to provide a great voice experience. Meraki switches provide all relevant capabilities and use the same dashboard interface as the phone.

How does Meraki MC handle emergency services such as E911? 

Emergency services such as E911 are supported by the end carrier. In this case, when signing up for service with a SIP provider, a service address is provided that will be used by emergency responders.

Is there any option for analog service? 

No. Customers wishing to use fax can leverage third party fax–over–IP services. In addition, e-fax options will be available through select service providers.

What audio codecs do you support? 

G.711 for PSTN calls

G.722 for extension-to-extension calls

How much bandwidth do I need for phone calls? 

Both G.711 and G.722 use ~90 Kbps per call. That means on a standard T1 (1.5Mbps) line, 16 simultaneous calls can be supported.

Can I port phone numbers? 

Yes, you can easily port over numbers to the service provider through Dashboard. 

How do you handle quality of service (QoS)? 

Meraki MC phones support voice VLANs so you can easily create QoS rules on your switch. If you have a Meraki MS switch, you can read more on Meraki MS QoS here.

Does the MC74 include video capabilities? 

No, the MC74 does not include a camera.

How secure is the MC74? 

Very secure. For calling, the MC74 uses encrypted connections, both for call signaling and the voice media stream itself. MC74 also features a pin lock option to prevent unwanted access to the touchscreen.

What are the advantages of deploying a Meraki phone on a Meraki network? 

In addition to the familiarity of the Meraki Dashboard interface and the ease of management through a single pane of glass, a Meraki phone deployment in a Meraki network benefits from full stack features such as Topology, packet captures, and Dashboard API integration. 

Is there bulk provisioning for an organization? 

In addition to the Dashboard API for automated directory management, customers using Google Apps can also choose to integrate their Google Directory.

How is support handled between Meraki and the service provider? 

Customers will be able to contact Meraki support or those service providers offering support as part of their offer.


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