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Creating a Conference Room


Persistent conference rooms are a place where multiple people, both Meraki and non-Meraki users can meet and communicate with each other. There is no set limit on the number of people who can meet in a persistent conference room. Conference rooms can be configured on the Phones > Configure > Conference Rooms page.

Creating a Conference Room

To create a conference room, choose the Add a conference room option and enter a name for the conference room. This name is only for your reference and is not shown to callers. You will also be prompted to enter an extension, or allow Dashboard to assign one automatically. If you chose to allow Dashboard to assign an extension automatically, it will choose the lowest available extension number for the conference room. 

Conference Room Options

Once a conference room has been created, the following options can be configured for that conference room:

  • Description: A brief description of the conference room for reference. This is not displayed to users.
  • Extension: A 4-6 digit extension that can be used to dial into the conference room from Meraki phones within the network.
  • Public Phone Number: The public phone number assigned to this conference room for outside callers. If no DIDs are available, more can be purchased on the Phone > Phone numbers page.
  • Pin: A code that callers must enter to join the conference.
  • Max Members: The maximum number of callers that may enter the conference room at any given time.

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