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Creating an Announcement Group


Announcement Groups allow an administrator to broadcast audio at full volume to the speakerphone of a group of phones. In the event of an emergency, Announcement Groups can be utilized to ensure an emergency plan is followed by a group of people who have been assigned MC telephones. Announcement groups can be accessed in Dashboard via the Phones > Announcements navigation item.


Planning an Announcement Group 

A Dashboard administrator can add multiple Announcement group administrators which will allow each one of these administrators to initiate a broadcasted announcement. The announcement will be heard by every phone of a contact that is assigned as an Announcement group member


Announcement groups can be inherently disruptive to users so care should be taken when creating Phone Admins. Any call that is active on a Phone member's phone will be interrupted by an announcement will will be played via the speakerphone. 

Configuring an Announcement Group

  1. Navigate to the Phones > Announcements Dashboard page and click Add a group. Enter the desired group name and click Create Announcements Group. 

  2. Click on the edit pencil located to the right of Phone Admins and select a Phone from the drop down menu. Only phones specified in the Phone Admins list will have the ability to initiate announcements to phone members.

  3. Search for a name or tag of Phone Member contacts and then select the checkbox of the desired members.

  4. Click Save to save changes to the Announcement group. Any phone assigned as an admin will now have their phone user interface updated with an Announcements button which once selected, can be used to make an announcement to a specific group. 

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