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Assign a schedule to an IVR menu


Organizations use IVR's for queuing calls and transferring them to available agents during business hours and transfer to a number/mailbox during non-business hours. This can be easily achieved by assigning a schedule to the IVR menu on the dashboard.

Creating a Schedule for the IVR

A schedule can be configured and assigned to an IVR menu under Phone -> IVR Menus. Change When should calls be directed to this menu? to Scheduled. Select the days and time the menu should be active. In the example below, the menu will active Mon-Fri 9 AM to 5 PM

For all calls coming in outside of these hours, the calls will be directed to the option selected for What should happen at other times? The other options include Hang up, Transfer to an MC contact, Transfer to another IVR menu, Transfer to an external number and Transfer to a call group.

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