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Shared Hold


Conducting business in retail, industrial and office environments can sometimes require phone users to move phone calls freely amongst phones at one or multiple locations. An example of this use case would involve a Barista at a café wanting to transfer a call from a phone on the café counter to an office for privacy. With Shared Hold on the MC, a Barista could quickly and easily perform this action.

Configuring Shared Hold

Shared Hold can be enabled on a per network basis meaning any phone assigned to a network with Shared Hold enabled will receive a hold notification. An administrator can also choose to upload Shared Hold music which will be heard by any caller on hold. 

Shared Hold will give any phone user the ability to pick up the held call so it is imperative that privacy is considered when planning the MC architecture.

Using Shared Hold


To activate the Shared Hold feature while on an active call, the end user is simply required to tap the Hold button on the MC call screen. Once tapped, a notification will be displayed on all phones in the network which can then be tapped to pickup the call. 



Once the notification is tapped, a list of parked calls in that MC network will be displayed:


Phones in the network which are idle will show any held calls at the top of the idle date/time screen:

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