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Creating and Managing Extensions


Extensions provide your users with a means of calling each other. Phones must have an extension assigned to them to be able to place calls. Extensions can be configured using the Phones > Configure > Directory page.

Creating an Extension

To create a new extension, choose the New Contact option and the contact's name, title, contact image and additional phone numbers (mobile phone, home etc.). Once the contact is created, it can be assigned to a telephone via the Phones > Monitor > Phones page. Selecting the desired phone and assigning the contact via the Contact drop down menu will allow the user to specify a purchased Public Number and chose a 4-6 digit Extension.

Public Phone Number

This is one or more public phone numbers that will be associated with this extension. Any associated phones will ring when these numbers are called. For information on adding public phone numbers, please see the Service Provider Onboarding and Purchasing Numbers article. A public phone number is optional, however a phone with an extension and no public phone number cannot make outbound calls. 

Extension Number

The extension number is a four to six digit number that other phones within the same network can use to reach this phone. To chose an extension manually, uncheck the "Automatically assign an extension" checkbox.

Extension numbers can only be used once within the same organization. For a larger deployment, it is recommended to plan out your extension ranges in advance to avoid conflicts later.

Caller ID

Normally, MC devices will display their public phone number to remote parties when making outbound calls. However, this caller ID can be overridden to display a different phone number if you wish. With this option configured, the phone will advertise the caller ID provided rather than its public phone number.

Note: FCC regulations prohibit transmission of misleading or inaccurate caller ID information. Only telephone numbers that are assigned to your organization should be used as an custom caller ID. Cisco Meraki is not responsible for any consequences that result from the misuse of this feature.

Ring Duration

This option allows you to configure the amount of time that the phone will ring before going to voicemail. The phone may be configured to ring for between 8 and 60 seconds. The number of rings that this corresponds to is also displayed.

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