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Importing Contacts from a CSV File


To help create a large number of contacts quickly, such as importing an existing phone directory, contacts can be uploaded as a CSV file in Dashboard. This can be done from the Phones > Configure > Directory page.

Preparing a CSV File

Before uploading a CSV file, you must verify that the CSV file that you are uploading matches the format that the Meraki Dashboard is expecting. The CSV file should be formatted as follows:

  • One row of headers at the top of the file
  • One column named "name"
    • This will create as many new contacts in your directory as there are valid name rows
  • Optionally, columns named "number" and "type" which describes the type of other number that you want to assign to this contact
    • The number must be a valid phone number with no additional special characters
    • The following types are valid: Apartment, Home, Mobile, Office
    • If no type is specified, the numbers will be added as Office numbers
  • Any other columns in the CSV file will be ignored


An example CSV file might be:

name number type location
Contact 1 4152222222 Office North
Contact 2 4153333333 Mobile South
Contact 2 4154444444 Home South
Contact 3      
Contact 4      

This will create 4 contacts - Contact 1, Contact 2, Contact 3 and Contact 4. Contacts 1 and 2 will have other numbers assigned to them, and contact 2 has two different numbers.

Make sure your files are saved as .csv (Comma delimited). Excel files cannot be read by Dashboard.

Uploading a CSV File

To begin uploading a CSV file, select the Upload CSV option at the top of the Directory page within Dashboard. When prompted, select the CSV file to upload.

CSV Processing

Once you have uploaded a CSV file, the Meraki Dashboard will process it. If there are any errors in the file, you will be prompted to resolve them before continuing. If any of the contacts in the file already exist, they will be skipped. If everything looks good, you will be prompted to confirm the contacts to be added. Select Add Contacts to add the shown contacts to the directory.

If any contacts exist in the directory with the same name, but a different phone number from the ones listed in the CSV file, those contacts should be deleted before uploading the CSV file. In this case, a duplicate contact will be created with the new number, leaving the existing contact in place.


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