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E911 on the Cisco Meraki MC


When creating a new MC network in Dashboard, you will be prompted to input an address for the new phones. This address is required, as it is necessary for E911 emergency services to operate. E911 differs from regular 911 services in that calls to 911 will be routed with location meta data allowing incapacitated callers to gain assistance. This article covers E911 configuration and operation.


Configuration of E911 addresses are performed in two locations during the setup process.

Network Default Address

The default E911 address of a phone network is configured when buying phone numbers via Dashboard. To start, configure the E911 address as part of the network creation process:

  1. Follow the process outlined here to begin the provider onboarding process.
  2. After selecting phone numbers to purchase, Dashboard will prompt the administrator to enter an address for E911 purposes. This address will be used by the provider as the default E911 location for any phone numbers attached to the current order.
  3. This address information is required for E911 to function. To learn more about E911, click here.
  4. The default E911 address can be changed after phone numbers have been purchased by updating the address located in Phones > General and clicking save.


After onboarding with Intelepeer via Dashboard, a user can dial 933 from their MC phone which will playback the calling phone number in addition to the E911 emergency services address recorded for that phone number. Please note that this number can only be accessed by Intelepeer customers.


Per Phone E911 Address

The network default E911 address can be overridden on a per phone basis. This allows administrators to specify a different E911 address for every phone in a network. To configure the address:


  1. Log in to Dashboard and browse to Phones > Monitor > Phones.
  2. Click on the phone you want to set.
  3. Click on the pencil icon next to Address.
  4. Enter the address information for the phone and click Save.
  5. The service provider will then verify the address set and update it as the E911 address for the phone:








If no 10-digit phone number has been associated to the contact that is assigned to the phone, the E.911 service will use the Emergency Contact added for the network. This can be verified on the dashboard under Phones > Monitor > Phones.




If no Emergency Contact has been assigned to the network, go to Network-Wide > Configure > General. The dropdown only displays contacts that have a 10-digit phone number associated to it.



Please note that if a default emergency contact is selected, E911 will only be enabled by the MC service provider if a DID is assigned to at least one phone that is also assigned a contact. 

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