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Best Practices for Custom IntelePeer Calling Plans


IntelePeer's custom calling plans allow customers to select a voice services bundle that best fits their needs beyond those that are available for purchase through Dashboard. However, since these calling plans do differ from those available through Dashboard, there are some design considerations that should be taken into account when configuring phone networks that utilize custom calling plans.

Note: This article only covers best practices for configuring MC networks utilizing custom calling plans. For instructions on how to purchase a custom calling plan, please refer to Ordering custom calling plans from IntelePeer.

Best Practices for Using the Voice Services Extension Bundle

The IntelePeer Voice Services Extension Bundle is a calling plan specifically designed for customers who use a significant number of phones to make calls to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), but do not require a public phone number for each phone. With this plan, customers can continue to purchase telephone numbers through IntelePeer using the steps listed in Service Provider Onboarding and Purchasing Phone Numbers. However, this plan also allows customers to specify a number of extensions without public phone numbers which still receive PSTN service.

The following considerations should be taken into account when utilizing this bundle:

  • When contacting IntelePeer to purchase this bundle, be prepared to provide the total number of MC phones you plan to use without a public phone number attached to them.
  • Purchase or port the numbers that will be used with this bundle before contacting IntelePeer.
  • Additional public phone numbers can be purchased normally later for additional phones or advanced features.
  • To ensure proper billing, contact IntelePeer if there is any change to the number of phones that do not have public phone numbers that are being utilized.
  • By default, calls made to the PSTN from phones without public phone numbers will not provide caller ID to the party being called. To enable caller ID for these phones, enter the phone number that should be shown to the party being called in the Caller ID field for that extension.



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