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Intelepeer Onboarding and Purchasing Phone Numbers

The Cisco Meraki MC onboarding interface has been designed to remove end user complexity when signing up for these VoIP services with service providers and aims to facilitate the purchasing of these voice carrier SIP trunks and phone numbers via a simple onboarding interface. No longer is it necessary to perform complex and time consuming on-premise PBX (Private Branch eXchange) or cloud PBX configuration to utilize these carrier services. The onboarding interface results in a quick and easy voice carrier sign up user experience offering inbound and outbound access to the public telephone network (PSTN) via purchased phone numbers.


Typically the provisioning process with well known tier one providers can take weeks and sometimes months to complete before cut over to the new PBX is possible. This doesn't take into account the configuration time needed to setup an existing or new PBX with the carriers SIP trunk configuration. Using the MC onboarding interface, a user can purchase and assign numbers to telephones providing public telephone service access within five minutes without the hassle of SIP trunk configuration or extended periods of back and forth with the carrier.

This is the expected flow for a customer who has purchased MC74 hardware and is going to be purchasing Intelepeer service. The steps may not be the same if you are on a MC74 trial. In this situation, you should follow the directions given to you in dashboard.

Service Provider Enrollment and Phone Number Acquisition

Once phones have been claimed in an organization and added to a network, the administrator will be required to purchase carrier services via the onboarding interface by navigating to Phones > Phone Numbers. The administrator will be prompted that they 'don't have any phone numbers' which will be displayed if no services have been purchased previously. The user can begin the purchasing process by clicking "Start Up New Service".


The user will then be provided with the various Voice Service Bundles which include call package details and package specifications such as call permissions (international, local, E911 etc.). The Voice Service Bundle summary screen will only be present if the user has not yet purchased a plan. Details of the selected Voice Service Bundle and access to the carriers payment portal will be supplied to the user via the email address entered by the user in a subsequent step. 




Please note that as of the MC launch in May 2016, Intelepeer has been chosen as the first preferred media provider (PMP). More voice service providers and packages will be offered in the future.


The user can then choose how many numbers will be needed in the selected network, whether the number range needs to be consecutive (ie. 555-555-5555, 555-555-5556 etc.), and the state that the number will belong to. Once a state is selected, the Area Code drop down menu will auto populate with area codes within that state. Once the Search for Numbers button is clicked, Available Phone Numbers will be provided which can be selected via checkboxes with the additional option to select all numbers.  

You will be able to disconnect numbers later on if you no longer want to use them.

Once the user agrees to the Intelepeer terms and conditions, enters their billing details and clicks confirm, the phone number order is placed with Intelepeer. If this is your first order, at this step, the email specified in the previous page is emailed a Master Services Agreement from Intelepeer (via docusign). This email includes your contractual agreement with Intelepeer, as well as more details about who within your organization should be responsible for Intelepeer billing. After you have signed the MSA, whoever was specified in the MSA as the billing contact will be sent an email from Intelepeer (via Chargify) asking them to join the Intelepeer billing portal.




If this is your first order and you have not signed the Master Services Agreement that was emailed to you, your order will be held until that is completed.

If you have already signed your MSA, ordered numbers typically take around a minute or two to be processed before the user can begin assigning ordered numbers to phones. The user can refresh the page to check whether the order has been completed. The page will also be refreshed automatically every 30 seconds. If more numbers are required at a later date, the Get more numbers button can be clicked to begin the number ordering process.




Customers also have the ability to delete numbers from their Dashboard networks. Numbers can be disconnected by browsing to Phones > Phone numbers, selecting the checkbox of numbers that are to be deleted and clicking Disconnect Numbers. Any MC units linked to these numbers will no longer receive incoming external calls and outgoing calls will be restricted to internal extensions unless an alternate caller ID is available

Deleting numbers is an irrevocable operation. Please exercise care when removing numbers that have previously been assigned to phones.


Creating Contacts and Assigning Purchased Numbers to MC Phones


Once numbers have been purchased, the administrator can then assign numbers to phones by first creating a contact and then assigning the contact to a phone. Once the contact is assigned to a phone, the public number, extension number, ring duration and caller ID can be selected:



Most networks will require one DID for each and every phone, however there might be a use case where phones shouldn't be reachable from the PSTN. For example a telemarketing company might only require outbound dialing and the outgoing CID (Caller ID) to be one number for every phone. As long as the desired CID number has been purchased, it can be entered as a Caller ID in each phone's status page (Phones > Phones) or directory entry (Phones > Directory).

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