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Porting Numbers to IntelePeer Using Dashboard


Cisco Meraki's first SIP service provider, IntelePeer, offers customers the ability to "port" existing numbers from their existing carrier to IntelePeer using the Cisco Meraki onboarding interface described here. Once the porting process is complete, these ported phone numbers can be configured within Dashboard in the same fashion as any other phone number purchased via Dashboard. 

IntelePeer Porting Process Requirements

A number port cannot be completed if the existing service has been canceled so it is imperative that the porting procedure below is undertaken while the existing service is still operational. Once the porting request has been submitted to IntelePeer, the duration of the porting process will depend upon the incumbent service provider notifying the NPAC (Number Portability Registration Center) that it authorizes the port.

Porting Numbers to IntelePeer with Dashboard

To begin the number porting process within Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Phones > Phone Numbers and click the Add numbers button. 
  2. Select the Transfer existing phone numbers option
  3. Specify any 10-digit telephone numbers that should be ported across from the incumbent provider. The phone number should be formatted as an E164 phone number. eg. +1 (415) 555-5555. If no country code is provided, a US country code of +1 will be assumed.
  4. Enter the effective port date of the port request. This date must be at least 3 weeks in the future and is subject to change based on current carrier. Enter any other notes that may be required by IntelePeer during the number porting process and click Review port order.

  5. Enter an E911 address for the numbers attached to the current porting request. For more information on E911 services, please click here. Click Confirm order to begin the porting request.

Further Reading

Keeping Your Telephone Number When Changing Service Providers: https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides...vice-providers

How Local Number Portability Works: https://www.npac.com/number-portability/how-lnp-works

Service Provider Onboarding and Purchasing Phone Numbers: https://documentation.meraki.com/MC/..._Phone_Numbers

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