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MC Quick Start

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If you just want to get started without reading any more, just follow these basic steps.

  1. Log in to the Meraki Dashboard at https://dashboard.meraki.com. If this is your first Meraki device, create a new account. 

  2. Create a new phone network. 

    • You will now see breadcrumbs at the top of your dashboard pages that give you 3 quick steps to setting up a phone network.

  3. Add your phones to the network. You will need the serial number of each phone which can be found on the bottom of the phone's base or on the box that the phone arrived in, or your order number which encompasses all phones in your order. 

  4. Unpack your MC and plug in the handset. The handset port is located on the back of the phone near the bottom.

  5. Connect your MC to power (using PoE or an AC adapter) and a wired connection with internet access.

  6. Set up the phones as desired using the Configure section of Dashboard.

  7. Upload contacts or make a contact manually.

  8. Assign each phone to a contact on the Phones > Phones page. You will need to click into each specific phone to assign it to a contact.

  9. After configuration and powering on, your MC will download the latest firmware from the Meraki Cloud controller and update itself. This process can take up to an hour depending on the speed of your internet connection. During the upgrade process, the phone will display the phrase "Starting Dialer". Once the upgrade has completed, the phone will display a dialpad.

  10. You can now make calls between any phones that you have configured extensions for.

  11. If you would like to order external numbers to call out to external phone numbers, please see Service Provider Onboarding and Purchasing Phone Numbers


For model specific information and network configuration steps, please see our Installation Guides.

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