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Meraki MC Closure - Overview and FAQ


After careful consideration, we have decided to discontinue the Cisco Meraki MC phone product line.


Meraki MC phones will be supported through April 1, 2019 and we will be offering an extended RMA on MC hardware and licensing to support you migrating to one of Cisco’s market-leading collaboration solutions.


We made this decision only after deep consideration of our customers, our teams and our product strategy. When we launched MC in 2016, we saw an incredible opportunity to bring our core tenants of simplicity and ease-of-use to enterprise telephony.


While we still strongly believe that enterprise phones are difficult to configure and manage, we have not delivered on a solution that is a delight to use while providing a core set of telephony features our customers need.


Meraki has a long track record of bringing exceptionally innovative products to market, and we maintain a high bar. Given this, we believe the discontinuation of MC is the best course of action as it will enable our teams to focus on enhancing our existing product lines and continue to bring innovative products to market.


We want to personally thank our customers for giving Meraki MC an opportunity in this market. At Meraki, our core mission is to simplify powerful technology and we'll continue to invest and drive innovation in our existing product portfolio and bring new products to market.

RMA Details

  • An extended RMA can be initiated at dashboard.meraki.com/rma starting on October 1st, 2018.

  • You need to meet the following criteria for an extended RMA

    • You purchased the product through an authorized Cisco Meraki reseller or direct from Cisco Meraki

    • You are the original purchaser of the product

  • You will need to work with the partner you purchased the products from to take advantage of your credit for the Meraki MC hardware and license towards a Cisco solution

  • You have until April 1, 2019 to submit your RMA request

  • You do not have to return the product, but we recommend you e-waste your phones


What will happen to customers who already have phones?

We will continue to support MC phones through April 1, 2019, which means customers can still call in for technical support and phones can connect to Dashboard through that date (additional information will be available on Meraki’s product end-of-life policy page). Customers who purchased Meraki MC will qualify for an extended RMA and can migrate to a Cisco collaboration solution.

What will happen after April 1, 2019?

The MC Phones will be End-of-Support and the associated services will be halted on April 1. This implies that the phones will not connect to the Meraki Dashboard and not be able to make or receive calls.

How do I submit an extended RMA?

We will extend our standard 30-day return policy to 4/1/2019 for all Meraki MC hardware and licensing. Unlike most RMAs, we do not require the device to be returned, but recommend submitting the device to an e-waste facility.

How does this change Meraki's product vision?

Our vision doesn’t change. At Meraki, making simple, intelligent technology means continuing to build solutions that enable our customers’ mission. This means we will continue to innovate and bring to market new technologies that allows our customers to build an easy IT solution, and to work simple.

Is Meraki thinking about discontinuing any other products?  


Does this mean Meraki is not exploring new products?

No, Meraki is committed to a converged IT future. We will continue to innovate and bring new products to market that make life simpler for our users. For example, we just launched Meraki Insight and Meraki Go product lines.  

What is the broader Cisco strategy for voice solutions?

Cisco is the market leader in voice and collaboration and offers customers a wide-array of solutions to meet their business needs, from on-premise to cloud-powered options. Cisco continues its leadership in this space as seen by the recent acquisition of Broadsoft.

What is Meraki recommending for customers who want to transition to a Cisco Collaboration solution?

Cisco has a rich collaboration portfolio offering On-premises or cloud-based deployment options. More information on the best solution for your deployment can be found on the Cisco Collaboration Solutions site.

In order to assist MC customers in this transition, Cisco is offering incentives on certain on-premises and cloud-based SKUs. We recommend that you work with your Cisco account manager to discuss potential options.

What happens to current DID's on Dashboard?

Raise a port request with the new carrier to transfer the DID's to the new system or disconnect them from the Meraki Dashboard if the exact numbers are not needed. Telnyx customers can use their Mission Control portal to manage their DID's. IntelePeer customers can email MerakiTransition@IntelePeer.com for more assistance.

Does MC's stop working after the RMA is submitted?

MC's will continue to work until April 1, even after RMA is submitted to allow for a transition to a new solution. IntelePeer/Telnyx DID's will be billed as usual.

Is the extended RMA available to Cisco employees?

Yes, the extended RMA is also available to Cisco employees.

Additional Questions

For any questions not answered here, please reach out to your Cisco Meraki account manager or ask our team on the Meraki Community MC Board.

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