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Cisco Meraki

MR Access Control page

In order to access the new access control page, select “View new version” link on the top-right corner of the Wireless > Access Control page.




Once enabled, the new interface will be presented. The interface is divided into sections making them easy to configure your SSID settings.

Basic Info

The Basic info section allows users to name (rename), enable/disable, and hide/unhide the SSID.




This section presents the different types of L2 authentication and encryption methods. It presents the options to use 802.11w and 802.11r. Depending on the authentication and encryption, users will be presented with the supported options automatically.



Splash Page 

This section presents L3 authentication configuration for splash page access. If a configuration change needs to be made on splash access hosted by Meraki, this can be done on Wireless > Splash page.





If an authentication method is chosen (for L2 or L3) that can use RADIUS, the RADIUS section will be enabled. It presents all configuration options for the user to have full control over this protocol. A detailed description of each option is presented here.




Client IP and VLAN

After authentication, client traffic will be placed into the desired VLAN. In this section, the user can manage how this traffic will be handled.



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