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Implementing bandwidth per-device using WPA2-Enterprise with RADIUS authentication - (Enterprise Only)

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A network operator can implement bandwidth limits per user when using WPA2-Enterprise with RADIUS authentication. This functionality requires the use of RADIUS Group Policies.


  1. Login to Dashboard.
  2. Click on the "Configure" --> "Group Policies" link.
  3. Select the SSID you would like to limit from the SSID: drop down list.
  4. Select "Filter-ID" in the "RADIUS attribute specifying the group" list.
  5. Name the group name for this policy is based on the Filter-ID string attribute specified in your RADIUS policy. Access points must receive this attribute in the RADIUS Access-Accept message so the Group policy will apply. 

You will then need to setup a corresponding group within your Directory server and ensure that the intended user or computer accounts are members of that group. Finally you will need to specify this group and Filter-ID attribute in your RADIUS servers policy. Please refer to your RADIUS server manual for more details on this portion of the setup.

The following Microsoft link explains creating a Filter-ID attribute on an IAS server.

Use a Standard RADIUS Attribute Filter-ID

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