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Setting a Group Policy to Bypass the Splash Page

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Cisco Meraki MR Access Points support directing wireless clients to a splash page before gaining network access. Certain devices cannot interact with a splash page (such as a DVR, video game system, or VoIP phone) and need to bypass this requirement. This article provides one of the features to bypass the splash page via creation of a group policy.

Note: An alternative way to bypass the splash page is to whitelist clients.  Refer to the article herefor instructions.

Overview of steps:

To enable this feature, create a separate group policy:

  1. Log in to Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Configure > Group Policies.

  3. Click Add a group.

  4. GIve the group policy a name (for example, “Bypass Splash Page”)

  5. Select “Bypass” in the Splash drop-down

  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page

You have now created a group policy to bypass the splash page. The example group policy is shown below.

See Creating and applying group policies for more information on applying group policies to different client devices.
For general information about splash pages, read the Cisco Meraki document here.

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