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Cisco Meraki

Common Dashboard Alerts for MR Access Points

Alert messages can be viewed by clicking on the AP in question located under Monitor > Access Points. These messages can be used to aid troubleshooting what issue an AP may be experiencing. Cisco Meraki devices attempt to connect to Dashboard in a variety of ways to allow you to troubleshoot connectivity issues even if some network services, like DNS, are not working.  

This article will discuss the various alert messages that may appear in Dashboard.

Has never connected to the Meraki cloud

This device has been added to a network, but has not yet contacted Dashboard to get its configuration. Ensure that the device is powered on and connected to working network connection with access to the internet. If issues persist, check Help > Firewall info in Dashboard and ensure that any firewalls between the AP and the Internet are allowing the necessary outbound communication.

Device unreachable

This device was once connected to the Dashboard, but has since lost its ability to communicate with it. This is either because the device is powered off or because of a network problem between the device and Dashboard.  This could also be caused by local network connectivity issues.

DNS Misconfigured

Cisco Meraki APs rely on DNS to resolve the Dashboard's hostnames.  If the device is reporting a bad DNS configuration, typically its configured DNS servers are not responding to DNS requests, or the DNS requests are being blocked by an upstream firewall. 

If you have verified that the firewall settings are correct, the DNS servers used by the AP may be down or misbehaving. MR APs can receive their DNS settings manually (Static IP address) or dynamically (DHCP). Try changing the DNS servers used by your Meraki AP's to an external source of DNS such as Google Public DNS and verify your firewall is allowing outbound DNS traffic which requires UDP port 53.


If your AP is configured with a static IP address, please review the KB article below to change your static DNS settings:

Unable to find a gateway to the Internet

This means the device powered on, but could not find a working Ethernet connection or suitable Meraki network to join in mesh mode. If a repeater cannot mesh to a gateway that's in the same network, it can mesh with a gateway that is in another network to report its current condition to Dashboard. This will allow the network operator to be alerted of the issue.  During this mesh connection, the repeater is disabled.  To fix this issue make sure the APs are within range of a working Gateway in the same network, or make the AP a gateway.  

Please see the following article for additional information:

Configuration is out of date

Configuration fetch issues for a device banner

A node will download a new config every ten minutes, even if the config hasn't changed. This alert will display if a node is currently checking in, but it hasn't downloaded a config in the last hour. This generally occurs only for improperly firewalled nodes.

When this happens, the AP icon, located on the Monitor > Access Points page, turns yellow, the connectivity graph is dark green, and the AP does not download the latest firmware or configuration from Dashboard.

There are 3 reasons an AP on your network will report this alert message:

  1. The AP is behind a firewall that is blocking outbound access to Dashboard.
  2. The DNS servers your AP is configured to use are unreachable, not responding, or sending invalid DNS responses.
  3. Dashboard is experiencing a temporary outage.

First and foremost, make sure the APs are allowed to communicate to the IPs and ports outlined under Help > Firewall info.