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Providing Free Access to Billing SSIDs

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When using a billing SSID, you have the ability to provide free access to the network for a desired amount of time. You can also implement bandwidth limits for this time period.


The "Free Access" feature is only for use with Cisco Meraki-hosted billing networks. It is not compatible with customer-hosted billing. "Free Access" is implemented by the Cisco Meraki RADIUS server and the external captive portal page. For example, the RADIUS server can permit one session of free use for a given login, and then can require that login to pay for access before granting another session.The free access period starts from the moment the user logs in and continues whether or not the user accesses the network. When the access period ends, the user must wait 24 hours before again being able to use the Free access option.


For example:

If a user uses a 20-minute free access period beginning at 12:00pm Tuesday, it will expire at 12:20 pm Tuesday. They must wait until 12:20pm Wednesday to get free access again. Specific users can also be permanently granted free access.


To create a user with free access to a billing network, the user must first be created and then granted access:

  1. Navigate to Configure > Access control.
  2. Select the wireless network from the SSID dropdown.
  3. Find the setting Users with free access.
  4. Click Add a user.
  5. If the user does not exist, select Create a new user tab. Enter the name, email address and password for this user and click Create user.
  6. Once the user exists, select the Choose a user tab, select the user for free access and click Add.
    Note: The email field will not be available in the Splash page when "Allow only prepaid cards" is selected as the payment option.
  7. Click the Save Changes button



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