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Device Showing an Incorrect Public IP

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Cisco Meraki devices will display their public IP address on their device status page. The device status page can be found for MX appliances by navigating to Security appliance > Monitor > Appliance status in Dashboard. On APs and switches, this can be found by going to the device listing page and then clicking a specific device (Wireless > Monitor > Access points for APs and Switch > Monitor > Switches for switches). It is possible that this public IP address appears incorrect. Though uncommon, this occurs when the public IP of a device has changed. The public IP is updated less frequently than other information provided about our devices and it is possible for that data to be stale.


This behavior is commomly seen when uplink preferences are used on an upstream MX or a dynamic IP from an ISP changes. Through the devices have a connection to the cloud, the IP will show as the old data.

This will resolve over time, but for faster results, restarting the device will update the reported public IP.

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