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Adaptive Bitrate Streaming


 This article outlines the Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABS) functionality for live video on the second generation Meraki cameras, the MV12, MV22 and MV72.

How Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Operates

With large video wall deployments or viewing a single camera stream, the camera's video tile can be less than 540 pixels tall. When this happens, a low bitrate HLS stream will be initiated for these cameras. This will drastically reduce the bandwidth consumption and workstation hardware requirements for a large video wall deployment. This low bitrate stream is 540p at 400 Kbps and is not configurable. Due to the resolution of the video tile, there is no loss in image quality.


When a video tile is made larger than 540p tall (e.g. a single node is selected from a video wall), the video stream will go back to the high quality HLS stream.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Indicators

When the normal HLS live stream is enabled, you will see the following "High bitrate stream" indicator at the bottom left of the video.



When Adaptive bitrate streaming changes to low bitrate, you will see the following "Low bitrate stream" indicator at the bottom left of the video.


NOTE: With Safari and iOS, adaptive bitrate streaming can also occur when Dashboard detects a potential bandwidth constraint.

NOTE: Recorded video image quality is not impacted by adaptive bitrate streaming and historical footage will stream at the quality and bitrate it was recorded at.


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