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Motion Search


The following article will help you search for motion events on the Dashboard. This tool is ideal for incident reporting and expediting the retrieval of video for said events.

Searching for an Event

Go to Camera > Monitor > Cameras. Select a camera from the network list. On the Video tab, select Motion search.



Draw your region of interest on the video feed


At this time, motion events from your search parameters will be populated on the Dashboard. 


The following list shows multiple ways of viewing additional motion events from the region of interest:

  • Changing the time via the calendar box
  • Clicking the chevrons to seek forwards and backwards on the timeline bar
  • Clicking the timeline bar
  • Selecting the 1h dropdown to give the option of 5 minute or 24 hour timeline bar


To play a motion event, click the event and it will be populated in the video feed.

Motion Sensitivity and Minimum Event Length

The motion sensitivity and min event length sliders allow for filtering of motion events. Minimum event length slider represents the minimum duration allowed for an event. Motion sensitivity slider is represented as a percentage. This percentage is a weighted average of the frame percentage and region of interest percentage. 

Key Terms

Below are key terminology to understand when viewing motion events.

  • Duration - Length of the motion event.
  • Frame - Represented as a percentage. Frame percentage is how much of the video scene has motion.
  • ROI - Stands for "Region of Interest". ROI is also represented as a percentage. ROI is how much of the search grid has motion. 
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