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Motion-based Retention


By default, the Meraki security camera's will record continuously. In some situations, only motion events are required to be recorded. Motion-based retention covers this requirement as well as improve the video retention capabilities of the camera.

How it works

Motion-based retention retains all footage for the last 72 hours, ensuring complete coverage of recent critical incidents. For footage older than 72 hours, only motion events will be saved.

Note: Enabling a recording schedule will override the functionality of storing the previous 72 hours of footage. 

How to enable

  1. Go to Camera > Monitor > Cameras. Select a camera.
  2. Go to the Settings tab and select the Quality and Retention tab
  3. From here, select motion-based retention


Once motion-based retention is selected, a graph will display the hours of motion per day for the camera over the previous week. An estimated retention period will be displayed as well. If your camera is being plugged in for the first time, the estimate will be based on averages from all active Meraki cameras.



When selecting the more information option, an interactive graph will be displayed showcasing more detailed information regarding how motion-based retention works as well as potential retention rates. 



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