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Understanding Motion-based Retention

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Motion based retention (MBR) is an effective mechanism for efficiently extending the video retention time on MV cameras.  The capability of MV cameras to detect scene changes used to determine movement is dependant on what the camera can see. This means that in some conditions MV cameras may not detect sufficient change in the scene to determine a motion event and correspondingly trigger a an indicator to keep the recording.


This failure to trigger an indicator may occur when the activity in the scene takes up a very small portion of the scene (e.g. <5% total scene coverage) or in low light conditions (e.g. at night time). It can also occur when objects are far away from the camera and thus taking up a small % of the total scene, or when objects are at the edges of a dark scene, when the infrared (IR) is concentrated at the center of the image.


MV’s motion detection algorithm is configured for the best out- of- the box experience which balances the need for comprehensive detection with the avoidance of false positives. This could include motion triggers such as leaves moving on a tree branch or electronic noise from the camera sensor.


Industry standard motion-based recording is never considered 100% effective and some missed events are expected. With Meraki MV’s MBR, the camera’s hybrid approach means that three days of 24/7 footage are kept no matter what. After this safety net, the camera trims footage based on it’-s index of motion events. With motion based recording there is no chance of recording and reviewing the missed events, even for a short period.


To optimize the performance of MBR, or industry standard motion-based recording when in poor lighting conditions, it is highly recommended the customers use an external, high power IR source. This provides greater illumination of the scene and allows for the more precise identification of motion events. Cisco Meraki can recommend RayTec, who have a wide range of PoE IR lighting for almost all deployments.

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