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Facebook Login Configuration Requirements

The Cisco Meraki MR access points and MX security appliance allow administrators to set up a splash page, which can be further configured to link up with a Facebook page, so a user is required to "check-in" to that page before they can join the network. This article outlines some additional requirements and considerations when using Facebook Wi-Fi.

Age and Country Restrictions Causing Issues

When configuring a Sign-on Splash page with Facebook Wi-Fi, any age and/or country restrictions configured on the Facebook page will prevent successful pairing with the SSID. When this happens the following message will appear on the Configure > Access control page:

The Facebook page should not have any countries listed in its “Country Restrictions” settings. Additional information regarding Facebook Wi-Fi integration with Cisco's Meraki is available on our web site. The Facebook Wi-Fi FAQ is available on the Facebook website.

Walled Garden Considerations

Typically, admins will choose to prevent users from accessing the network prior to signing on. Admins can then choose to configure a "walled garden" of allowed sites that users can visit. Typically when configuring an externally-hosted splash page, that page will have to be added to this walled garden, or users will be prevented from signing in at all.

For Facebook Wi-Fi, "facebook.com" is added automatically to this walled garden, specifically so users can be redirected to the authentication page.

Additional Resources

Additional documentation on the Cisco Meraki with Facebook integration can be found on our docs site.

Facebook also hosts more information about Facebook Wi-Fi on their site.


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