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Clearing Active Directory Client Information on an MX Security Appliance

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When a client is authenticated with an AD server through an MX appliance it authenticates once and holds those credentials locally. In situations where clients must be removed or forced to re-authenticate with the Active Directory server, there are two options:

  • Navigate to Network-wide > Monitor > Clients, then blocking and unblock the specific client, this will clear the AD user currently associated with that client device.
  • It is also possible by performing a factory reset on the MX security appliance. This clears all information on the device itself, but will cause some brief downtime until the MX comes online and redownloads its configuration from Dashboard.
    Note: Resetting the MX will also clear any local configuration performed on the MX's Local Status Page, including its IP configuration. Please make note of any required changes or additional maintenance before resetting the MX, to minimize downtimes.
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