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Splash Page

Security Appliance > Configure > Splash page allows administrators to customize the content and behavior of the splash portal.


Here you can choose between the Fluid, Classic, or Plain themes for the splash page. You can also create a custom theme using the "Create something new" button, or edit an existing custom theme by clicking on the grey pencil icon next to the theme.

On the right side of the page you can configure the color palates for the splash page. The Preview section allows you to preview various splash elements to see what they will look like for users.

Custom splash variables

For a list of variables that can be used in a custom splash themes to present dynamic information to users, see this knowledge base article.

Custom splash URL

Here you can configure a custom URL that users will be redirected to for splash if you do not wish to use the provided Meraki-hosted splash pages.

Custom remediation URLs

When using a custom splash URL, the IP of the custom splash page must be added to the walled garden.

Customizing splash content

You can customize several elements of your Meraki-hosted splash page.

  • Message: Add a custom message that will be displayed on the splash page for users to read.
  • Splash logo: Add a custom logo that will be displayed on the splash page for users to see.
  • Splash language: Select the language the splash page should be displayed in.

Splash behavior

Here you can configure options related to the user's splash experience. There are two settings:

  • Splash frequency: Determines how often a user is presented with the splash page.
  • Where should users go after the splash page?: Determines whether the user will be sent to the page they originally requested or to a specified landing page upon completing the splash process.

Troubleshooting Splash Page Issues

More information on troubleshooting splash page issues (such as seeing a white page instead of the splash page) can be found in this article.

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