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Clearing Apple DEP token

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There are some instances where a DEP token needs to be removed to resolve an issue, or to use a different MDM server on the Apple side. To do this, navigate to the Organization > MDM page. Under Apple Device Enrollment Program, click the Clear Server Token button. This will remove the existing token and allow a new one to be uploaded.

Note: Once the DEP token has been cleared, the client drop-down menu under MDM > DEP with existing DEP settings will be cleared.


It is important to note that any devices that need to be associated with the organization in Dashboard must also be assigned to the new MDM server within Apple's DEP portal. So if the MDM server is changing, the devices should also be reassigned. Avoid doing this if possible when there are a large number of devices already assigned with settings, as clearing the DEP token will purge these assigned settings in the cloud (but not on devices themselves). It is also recommended that a list of assigned devices be exported to a spreadsheet, within the Apple site, to aid in the reassignment process.


For more information on DEP, visit the the article on Using Apple DEP with Systems Manager.

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