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Cisco+ Secure Connect Quick Start

The network infrastructure across enterprises, businesses and the way users connect is undergoing massive changes, organizations need a simple solution to provide access to any user or any application on any device from anywhere. IT teams have been challenged to consistently provide access for the growing remote workers, the remote branches, as well as campus/headquarter to internal, internet, and IaaS services in a secure manner.

Cisco+ Secure Connect is the Cisco SASE offer designed to deliver a delightful experience regardless of where users, branches, and applications are located. The first release provides a uniquely simple cloud based solution for remote workers to securely access applications and connect to networks hosted anywhere in private data centers or across multiple public and private clouds from any location at any time. As opposed to traditional VPN, it requires zero upfront costs, no hardware to procure, refresh, configure, or manage, resulting in a significant reduction in operational cost and complexity. It delivers a simple IT admin experience making it easy to deploy, scale, and access applications securely with an as-a-Service model.

This solution offers secure remote workers use cases with a vision for long-term SASE transformation. This offer also includes a software-only solution supported by a Secure Internet Gateway (SIG), providing companies with a simple, secure and agile solution for public cloud as well as private cloud remote connectivity, that improves worker efficiency and productivity, while keeping security threats off the corporate network. 


Cisco+ Secure Connect Features

  • Unified management for network & security ​
  • Secure Remote Access ​
    • Posture & automated scaling ​
    • US & EU coverage, and expanding ​
    • Centralized streamline configuration​
    • AnyConnect client  ​
    • SAML auth with MFA​
  • Secure Internet Access:​
    • Threat Protection: Web filtering, HTTPS decrypt, file inspection, sandbox, cloud firewall, CASB, DNS security, RBI


Cisco+ Secure Connect Packages 

Cisco+ Secure Connect is offered in packages that make it easy to choose the right level of protection and coverage for their organizational needs.  

There are currently two packages: Secure Connect Essentials and Secure Connect Advantage. These packages provide defense against threats on the Internet across all locations, devices, and users, even when people are off the VPN. 












Securely connect users to applications 


  • Remote Access: Secure remote worker connectivity, SAML authentication, Limited posture-based access control, Reporting 

  • Secure Internet Gateway: L3-L4 Cloud Firewall, Decryption/Inspection sandboxing (500 samples/day), Cloud Malware for 2 apps 

  • DNS Security: Selective web proxy for deeper inspection of risky domains, Investigate console and API for deeper context, Domain filtering, Security blocking, App discovery & blocking. 

  • Connectivity: User and IaaS interconnect, Direct SaaS and IaaS Peering 

  • Support: Business hour support access via Email & Phone, Access to documentation portal for self-help, Onboarding services 


Data protection, advanced policy  


 In addition to Cisco+ Secure Connect Essentials features, 

  • Secure Internet Gateway: L7 Cloud-Delivered Firewall + IPS, Inline Data Loss Prevention, Cloud Malware detection (all supported apps), Secure Malware Analytics, Unlimited Sandbox submissions 

  • Early Adopters of Advantage will receive access to additional Remote Access features when they become available for no additional cost 


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