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Painting Cisco Meraki Devices

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It it sometimes necessary to place APs or cameras in publicly visible areas that require them to blend into their surroundings. With access points, Cisco Meraki typically recommends hiding the AP from view (e.g., above a drop ceiling). However, customers sometimes choose to paint their APs or cameras to match the area where they are mounted. 

Points to consider when painting a device:

  • Avoid getting paint inside of the unit, especially if painting cameras or indoor APs. Tape over LEDs, antenna connectors, screw holes, the camera dome, etc. to prevent paint from getting inside the chassis.
  • The default white color of the device reflects light. Darker colors will absorb more sunlight and may cause the device to overheat.
  • Never use paint with metal flakes, lead, carbon, or any other conductive material, as this will greatly degrade the device's ability to operate. This is especially true if used on the antennas.

Because paint has the potential to damage the units, painting does void the Cisco Meraki warranty.  

If theft is a concern, APs can run in "dark mode" which will turn off the LED lights on the unit, making the unit less noticeable at night. Please reference our documentation for more info.

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