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Changing Account Ownership on Dashboard

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When you originally create an account on dashboard.meraki.com you are asked to enter basic information to setup your account such as name, company, email, password, address, and phone number.


Over time it is possible that network ownership may change.

Ownership changes require dashboard login under 'owner' credentials.  Typically, this is the email address originally used to setup the network. Next, follow the steps detailed below.


  1. Open a web browser and navigate to http://dashboard.meraki.com.
  2. Login with 'owners' email address and password (The email address used during network setup).
  3. Navigate to Network-wide > Alerts and remove any legacy email addresses so previous admins don't continue receiving network alerts.
  4. Navigate to the top right hand corner click "my profile". This page allows you to configure User Account information.
  5. Change the email address to that of the new owner. The e-mail address entered here must be one never previously associated with the organization.
  6. Double check the new email address to ensure accuracy.
  7. Click "Change Email'
  8. For security reasons, a password reset is recommended. This is found below, under "Change Your Password."
  9. Click 'Update' at the bottom of the page.
  10. Retrieve new Meraki password via automatically generated email sent to the recently added email address. 


If you're still experiencing issues with account ownership or logging in with your new credentials, please contact Meraki Support.

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