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MS225 Fan Update


We have detected a mechanism in the MS225-48LP and MS225-48FP fan control system that can lead to premature switch failure.


We are proactively notifying affected customers to arrange for next business day shipment from Cisco Meraki (with ~3-5 business day ground delivery) of a free replacement switch for devices exhibiting specific symptoms (see below). We are also notifying customers of a scheduled mandatory firmware upgrade if they have a network containing these switches. This firmware upgrade will prevent the condition that can result in premature fan control system failure and we expect you will notice increased fan speed and fan noise.


Both notifications will be delivered to Organization administrators via email, and Cisco Meraki dashboard on October 9. Only customers with networks that contain these switches will receive a notification.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my replacement?

Orders are created once Cisco Meraki receives the shipping information and orders generally tend to ship the next day. These orders will ship as ground shipments. Most will take 3-5 business days to get to their locations and some may take longer. International shipping generally ship as International Priority shipments and should arrive within 3-5 business days as well or sooner.


What do I have to do to get a replacement switch?
If you have a symptomatic switch, the Meraki dashboard will provide you with a form to initiate a replacement process. Further details can be found on the dashboard by navigating to Help > Hardware replacements. A walkthrough of the process is described in the Replacement process section below.


What are the symptoms of a switch that should be replaced?
MS225-48LP or MS225-48FP switches that have issued a critical temperature alert to dashboard event log because they are operating at an elevated temperature. Documentation describing the use of the event log is available on the support page under Navigating the Event Log


Are other switch models affected?
No. Only MS225-48LP or MS225-48FP switches that have issued a critical temperature alert to dashboard event log are affected. If you notice critical temperature alerts on other switch models, please reach out to Meraki Support for advice on appropriate actions.  


What do I have to do to make sure my switches are running the recommended firmware?
Nothing, the Meraki cloud management system will schedule an upgrade to MS 9.30 for every network that contains an MS225-48LP or MS225-48FP. You may choose to upgrade your network at an earlier time, defer the upgrade, or simply allow the upgrade to occur as scheduled. We do not recommend deferring the upgrade. Documentation describing firmware management is available on the support page under Managing Firmware Upgrades.


What if I do not see a dashboard banner recommending upgrade of my firmware or replacement of a switch?
This means Cisco Meraki’s cloud management system has determined that you are not exposed to a potential issue.


Is MS 9.30 a good release?
Yes. MS 9.30 is our latest Stable release. It’s a very minor update to MS 9.27 which has also been extensively tested, meets our quality criteria and has been deployed worldwide in many thousands of networks. 


What if I deploy new MS225-48LP or MS225-48FP switches?
If they are deployed into new networks, then they will automatically receive MS 9.30, or later, firmware that prevents the issue. If they are deployed into networks running an earlier release, you will get a notification to upgrade the switch firmware on that network. 


How do I configure my replacement? 
Using dashboard, first add the replacement switch to the network and then clone the configuration of the the switch to be replaced. Please refer the Replacing MS225 Switches section below for more details.


What if I still have questions?

As always, Meraki Support is available 24x7.

Replacement process

Follow the instructions below to determine if you have impacted devices in your Organization.

  1. Log into the Meraki Dashboard.
  2. If this issue impacts your Organization, a Dashboard banner notification will be displayed in addition to an email notification. Click "here" on the banner to go the Hardware replacements page or navigate to Help > Hardware replacements to proceed to the next step.    Corrected Banner.png            If you have not received an email notification and do not see the banner displayed above, then none of your switches need to be replaced. You can also confirm this by navigating to Help > Hardware replacements Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 5.53.34 PM.png
  3. The Hardware replacements page will present information on the number of affected devices and a form to initiate the replacement process.Replacement Info Needs Action cropped.png
  4. Clicking Enter shipping addresses will take you to the order creation page. Click Add Address to enter shipping information and the number of units requiring replacement. You can also create multiple addresses if affected devices are deployed across multiple locations. Please review the Terms and Conditions before submitting the order. Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 5.06.26 PM.png
  5. Once the order is submitted, no further action is required. A support case will be automatically generated to track your order.Hardware replacement Pending tile.png

Replacing MS225 Switches

Before making any changes to the existing switch, be sure to claim the replacement switch in the Organization Inventory, then add the replacement switch to the appropriate Dashboard network.

You may see a licensing warning appear after adding the replacement switch. Once the old switch is removed from its network, the warning should be dismissed.

  • If the switch is currently deployed in a stack, follow our instructions (step 4) on Replacing a Stack Member to swap the old switch with the replacement.
  • If the switch is not in a stack, follow our instructions on Switch Cloning to copy the old switch's settings onto the replacement switch.
    Switch Cloning.png

Once the replacement switch has been configured and deployed, make sure the old switch is unplugged and removed from its network.

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