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Error: The Meraki Cloud is having difficulty connecting to your RADIUS server

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When Sign-on Splash-page is used with a RADIUS server, Dashboard must be able to communicate with the RADIUS server. Dashboard, which acts as the RADIUS client, sends authentication requests (RADIUS Access Requests) to the public IP address of the configured RADIUS server. 

The source IP addresses used by Dashboard may change over time. As a precaution, Dashboard periodically tests the configured RADIUS server to verify accessibility. Specifically, Dashboard sends an Access-Request message with 'meraki-ping' as the username and 'ping-test' as the password. If the RADIUS server replies with an Access-Accept or Access-Reject, Dashboard knows the server is reachable.

In the event that Dashboard does not receive a response after 6 attempts (one every 20 seconds), it will assume the RADIUS server is unreachable and an email will be sent to the Dashboard administrator. 

If you received this email, please verify the following:

  1. If the RADIUS server is protected by a firewall, ensure that Dashboard is able to access the server through the firewall using the IP addresses and port number specified in the email. A current list of IP addresses and the port number can be found in Dashboard on the Help > Firewall Info page. 
  2. Dashboard's IPs must be configured as RADIUS clients on the RADIUS server using the same shared secret configured in Dashboard.
  3. Ensure there are no additional restrictions on the RADIUS server that would prevent it from responding to Dashboard. As the test Access-Request will not contain all attributes (such as Calling-Station-ID), see below for an example message.


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