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Assurance Left Navigation

Note: The assurance left navigation will only be available to some organizations as we are implementing this change in a phased manner before expanding availability to all customers.


The new left navigation tool, "Assurance," consolidates essential monitoring and troubleshooting tools into a single location, simplifying discovery and streamlining operations. The following pages are integral components of this tool:

  1. Alerts: This page centralizes all alerts from a single network, providing a consolidated view of potential issues.
  2. Event Log: This page serves as a unified repository of all events occurring within a single network, mirroring the Network-Wide > Monitor > Event Log page.

  3. Clients: This page, identical to the Network-Wide > Monitor > Clients page, provides valuable insights into client status, network usage, operating system details, IP and MAC address, and additional statistics that can be displayed by adding columns.

  4. Packet Capture: This page replicates the Network-Wide > Monitor > Packet Capture page. The packet capture utility allows real-time observation of network traffic passing through Cisco Meraki devices. Since captures provide a live snapshot of network activity, they prove invaluable in diagnosing and troubleshooting network issues.

  5. Web App Health: This page, exclusive to Meraki Insight (MI) license holders, offers a comprehensive overview of application health for a single network. It only displays applications configured under the Insight > Monitor > Web App Health page.


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