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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Meraki Health - Network-Wide

The Meraki Network Health widget is simply a snapshot view of all available device statuses in one place. The widget displays the number of “healthy” (non alerting) devices in the numerator, over the total devices of the same group in the denominator. When one or more devices, in any given device group, are alerting or offline, the entire group status color will adjust accordingly and display the worst status in that group. By clicking on the device group, a user will navigate to the device group page, specific navigation logic detailed below:    

Clients Page

Widget Functionality

  • Clicks - When clicked, each component links to a different page
  • Appearance - Components are only shown when applicable
    • Examples:
      • Network with no switches - switch component will not appear
      • Network with no wireless devices - wireless component will not appear
  • Numerator - Only includes the total number of devices in the network that are online 
  • Numerator - Only includes the total number of devices in the network that are online, alerting, or offline. (dormant is excluded)

Status Colors

Color Status
Green All devices online, some may be dormant
Orange One or more devices are alerting
Red One or more devices are offline

The color displayed defaults to the worst status of any device in the group except dormant (worst is bottom of table above, best is top). The color for dormant is only shown when ALL devices are dormant. 

Health Widget Components and Links

Health Widget Item Links To Notes
Uplink(s) Security & SD-WAN > Monitor > Appliance status > Uplink

Status shown is only from primary - none from spare

Status shown is calculated the same way as it is under the appliance status page

WAN appliances

Primary MX link, Security & SD-WAN > Monitor > Appliance status 


Spare MX link, Security & SD-WAN > Monitor > Spare status 

If a user has a primary and spare, it links to the one with the worst status. If both devices have equally bad statuses, it links to the primary.

  • Primary MX color/status = Green/Good
  • Spare MX color/status = Orange/Alerting
  • Link = Spare MX link
Switches Switching > Monitor > Switches -
Access Points Wireless > Monitor > Access points -



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