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MI Internet Outages Overview


This feature provides a global overview of network outages in service providers around the world. It is meant to give a quick overview of the down status of the internet to help mitigate WAN down issues and de-escalate Sev1 tickets in a timely manner. The map identifies the provider, location, duration, and scale of detected outages based on telemetry collected from thousands of vantage points located around the globe. The Portal is updated every minute.

When an IT admin wants to understand if the user problem is within his control to solve it, he needs to have the right tools to help understand the problem at hand. The Internet Outage portal within Meraki Insight is a tool that helps answer the question of whether this problem is a network only or widespread? If I can solve it myself or should I call my provider, and if my service is stable. 


Navigate to Meraki Insight—> Monitor—> Internet outages to view the health of the internet outages over a period of 24 hours. The landing page consists of the following views:

  1. Banner View

  2. Map View

  3. Event log series

  4. Timeline series


1 MI Internet Outages showing internet outages within dashboard directory.png


The banner shows what is the total down status of the internet and how many locations are affected at that given time.


2 MI Internet Outages showing outage and location counts.png


The Map view shows the distribution of the health of the internet across the globe. It quickly shows which regions in the world are severely impacted by an outage. You can click on the "+" and "-" to zoom in and out of the map to view more granular details on certain regions. The Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 7.32.17 PM.png button will take you back to the default view.


3 MI Internet Outages showing the map view.png


The event log view shows which is the most recent internet issue and how long has it been persisting. It shows a historical view of most of the service providers having a problem in the given period of time. 


4 MI Internet Outages showing the event log view.png


Timeline view shows the trending pattern of the health of the internet. Changing the duration will highlight the specific trend. It's a quick way to identify if you have any recurring patterns over a period of 24 hours.

5 MI Internet Outages showing the timeline view.png


1. Where is the data being populated and pulled from?

The Internet Outages data in Meraki Insight is powered by Internet Insights from ThousandEyes, which leverages the collective intelligence of ThousandEyes agents across the globe performing analyses identifying internet-scale disruptions.

Learn more: Internet Insights from ThousandEyes

2. Is this data personalized to the networks in a given org?

At present, the outages are not only looking at networks in a given org. They provide all internet disruptions across the globe.

3. Do we have alerts that can be configured for the outages?

You cannot configure alerts for internet outages at this given time.

4, I see Amazon, Microsoft having outages? Does this mean those apps are down?

No, the app service isn't down but certain AS'es owned by these applications are seeing outages at that given time. 

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