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Cisco Meraki MR33 SES ESL Specifications

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The Cisco Meraki MR33 is a dual-band enterprise class 802.11ac cloud-managed access point. Please refer to the MR33 datasheet for detailed wireless-specific information. 

MR33 supports SES-imagotag Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) native integration. Please refer to our documentation for more information.

Note: All specified values are subject to change by SES-imagotag

SES ESL Specifications  

MR Model


Integration Variant VUSION Gate N​
Product code (Vusion Cloud SKU) CE: 11663 | FCC/IC: 11663​
V:IoT Radio 2.4 GHz
V:IoT Radio Protocol Proprietary
V:IoT Radio Antenna Integrated
V:IoT Radio Channel Auto-Selection Yes
V:IoT Radio Encryption 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with secure key exchange
V:IoT Transmission Range Up to 20 meters in open-field deployments (about 1250 m² or 13,400 sq ft area)
Coexistence Feature Support (V:IoT radio + Wi-Fi) Basic Coexistence
Number of Labels Supported Up to 10 000 labels per access point​
Supported SES solution VUSION Cloud
Connection Mode Token-Based​

VUSION Cloud Specifications 

Cloud Service Authentication

X.509 certificates​

Access Point Authentication Claim ID and JWT token authentication​
Connection Fully encrypted with TLS​
Compliance ISO 27001, PCI-DSS 3.2, CIS 1.1.0, SOC TSP, GDPR
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