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Apple Open Directory BindDN for Splash Page Sign-on

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When using Apple Open Directory you must specify the BindDN for the LDAP admin setting. This BindDN must be the Distinguished Name of the Open Directory administrator that binds to the Open Directory server.

Enter the LDAP admin username using the following syntax:

  • uid=myadmin: Administrator account username.
  • cn=users: Container that the administrator resides in (by default this is cn=users).
  • dc=server: Server name
  • dc=mydomain: LDAP Domain Name
  • dc=local: Domain Suffix

For example, an account whose short name is dirauth on an LDAP server and whose address is server.example.com would have the distinguished name:


Note: The administrator account must be an admin in LDAP, not a local admin on the machine.


Source: support.apple.com 

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